Area Rugs

Area Rugs : A Great Way to Enhance Any Room

Add style and protect your floors at the same time!

Area rugs are one of the best ways to add style to any room. They can bring together your decor and make your house feel like a home.

Because area rugs can be changed out from time to time, you can have a more dynamic decorating scheme.

Area rugs are great for living areas, and add a touch of softness to hardwood or tile floors where you need it. When an area rug is matched to your current decor, paint scheme, and flooring, it will bring the style of your home together.

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Did You Know?

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Area rugs can add years of life to your existing hardwood, tile, carpet, or laminate floors. By using area rugs in higher traffic areas, you reduce the wear on your existing floors while adding a touch of style to your home.


How do I decide on an area rug?
If you need help matching your existing decor, or on creating a whole new decorating theme, our professional interior designers can work with you to find what best suits your style and your needs. Our Design Consultations are free, simply schedule your Free Estimate today!

What are good uses for area rugs?

Area rugs are great ways to soften living areas with hardwood, laminate, or tile floors. They give a more comfortable space for children and pets as well as a way to make hard floors feel warmer and welcoming. They are a great addition to carpets to catch stains where they are most likely to happen. When an area rug gets worn or has stains that can't be removed, they are much more affordable to replace than the entire carpet.

If I need help deciding can I get some samples?

We will give you free flooring samples so you can discuss with your family, friends, and neighbors!
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