Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring: Often Imitated; Never Duplicated

A Beautiful Addition to Any Home

The classic luxury and beauty of hardwood flooring is the source of many copy-cats, such as laminate and even vinyl, but a properly finished and installed hardwood floor will make your home feel like an heirloom.

Hardwood flooring comes in so many varieties it is hard to cover everything. Many forms of hardwood floor are pre-finished at the factory, made of various woods and finish colors. Hardwood floors can be in planks similar to engineered flooring. It can be installed in various different ways to suit the needs of your home as well. Hardwood flooring has varying levels of hardness as well, depending on the type of wood that you choose, for example, White Oak and Ash are much harder than Douglas Fir.

While hardwood flooring isn't the best solution for high moisture areas such as bathrooms or kitchens, it's charm and elegance lend itself to living areas, dining rooms, bedrooms, or studios.

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Did You Know?


Hardwood flooring comes in many kinds of finishes to reduce the amount of maintenance required. There are other flooring options that have the look of hardwood with little to no maintenance required, such as laminate flooring or vinyl flooring.


Is Hardwood Right for Me?
Hardwood is a beautiful choice for flooring. If you are considering it, think about the area where you will be installing it. It should be a low-moisture area, such as a living room or bedroom. If you are installing it in an area with more traffic, such as a hallway, you can use an area rug to minimize wear.

Isn't Hardwood Flooring Expensive?

Hardwood flooring can be more affordable than you think! We are proud to offer competitive pricing to our customers. Also because Hardwood flooring stays beautiful longer than other types of flooring such as carpet or vinyl, you will get many more years out of it. In addition, hardwood can be repaired in areas of wear without needing to replace the entire floor as you would need to do with other flooring options.

When can I have it installed?

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If I need help deciding can I get some samples?

We will give you free flooring samples so you can discuss with your family, friends, and neighbors!
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