Window Treatments

Window Treatments: The perfect compliment to a redesigned room

Make a stunning improvement to your rooms with new window treatments

Updating your old or inadequate window treatments will instantly add elegance to your home. Whether you are just enhancing your window treatments for style, or if your windows are in need of light and heat control, we have the solution for you!

Window treatments are a great way to complete your other home improvements such as new carpet, hardwood flooring, or even a bathroom remodel.

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How do I get started?

1. Schedule job site measure
2. Make appointment with designer
3. Come to agreement on price
4. Schedule quality installation
5. Sign off on job with customer

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Did You Know?

window treatments

Window treatments are an easy way to restyle a room without needing to change out furniture and other expensive alternatives. You can match your window treatments to your new flooring, or add them to rooms that need an extra touch of style.


How do I choose the right window treatments?
There are so many different choices for window treatments that it may be overwhelming to choose. That's why we offer free Design Consultations. Whether you are adding window treatments to your home or office, we're here to help! We have years of experience with customers with a wide range of needs.

How can Window Treatments help my room with too much heat or light?

Chances are you have one room in your home or office that receives too much light during a certain time of day. You don't want completely block out the window except when necessary, and we have a great selection to help you get the optimum amount of light and shade, with great style and ease of use.

When can I have it installed?

Schedule your Free Estimate to select your products and determine availability.

If I need help deciding can I get some samples?

We will give you free flooring samples so you can discuss with your family, friends, and neighbors!
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