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We at Gary’s carpeting can help you in your redecorating and improving the look of your house.

Home Repair & Improvement

Cabinets & Counters

We can help fix your cabinets and counters to help you give full access to the space.

Windows & Doors

Door and windows are like soul of you house and we can ensure that you have right door and windows for your maximum comfort.

Walls & Ceilings

Walls and ceiling set the tone of the house and we can help you style them the right.

Floors & Stairs

Floors are some of the most ignored part of the house but we can give it a modern twist.

Repaint Your Room & Pick the Right Colors

We can help you with the colours and tones while you are picking out a colour which can best match you style.

Soft-Closing Drawers And Cabinets

If you like to have a quite place, you have to upgrade your cabinets and drawers for a soft closing ones.

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Smart Home Upgrades To Install During Your Remodel

Renovation is the perfect time to customize the living spaces by installing smart home technology. These smart home technology is blending in perfectly into the design of a house. There are many benefits for you as well. Smart home integration is a strong investment as according to a survey, 28% of home renovation done have some kind of smart technology attached to make it easier for the homeowners.

USB outlets

Having a USB port allows you to charge your phone and laptops directly with the need of the power brick taking up the space of the outlet. For installing a good USB outlet, the renovators might have to rewire a few outlets which gives them the opportunity to upgrade the electrical system while maintaining the safety standards.

Home automation system

Home automation system

A smart home system can help you automate the function of each design while offering compatibility with a wide range of individual devices which can also be integrated directly with your digital voice control assistant. You can choose a smart device which is compatible with you, which can benefit your home.

Built-in speakers

Speakers and audio equipment can take up a lot of space if installed manually where you can see the wires hanging around your house but if you want to give your house a minimalist look. Take use of companies which offers custom speakers which can be easily integrated into your house.

Motion sensors and smart security

Smart security is the first thing that people look for while renovating their house as it is much easier to install in during the renovation process. Adding sensors can detect motion, broken glass, smoke or carbon monoxide which can set the alarm on to warn the neighbours or you about an invasion. Motion sensors once activated, can detect any movement in the house and warn you about an invasion, which is a safer way to live.

Security cameras

Security cameras

There are many cameras available depending on the style of cameras you want like a doorbell camera, perimeter camera, interior camera, which can be camouflaged into other house designs to protect you house from strangers while maintaining a comfortable feel around family and friends. Updating your security system into smart security cameras can help by showing you the faces of people on the door and weather to let them in or not.

Smart Thermostats

One of the most common upgrades that people see is the smart thermostat upgrade where devices can improve your home efficiency and can also help by installing a few extra temperatures sensors which can easily sense that air and cool or heat the room according to your wish. Also, you can control the internal temperature of the house by controlling humidity, dual fuel, forced air and geothermal.

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